Imagine It!! The Zeppelin  hovering around indoor, while YOUR PRODUCT or SERVICE IS THE FIRST IMAGE people SEE !

The amazing thing is that you can control the direction of the Zepelin with a remote control that we provide. Nice and easy, hum? 

Printing your Logo on the Zeppelin

All you have to do is sending us the Logo by email or CD. We will print it onto the cutting sticker and stick it to Zeppeline we tailor for you or we just spray the logo onto the zeppeline. You say your wish, we makw it come true for you!

In addition, we also provide various print out, from the picture of public or authorities figures for the election campaign up to wedding couple on the D Day and stick them onto the Zeppeline.

See the trend, look ahead! There will be plenty of indoor events using the zeppelin as the communication means to convey their messages. What else are you waiting for? Get this Attention Magnet Zeppelin by ringing us at 081932877594 or 021-70938885 or email to  balon@baloniklan.com, we are here 24 hours to help you achieve your advertisement goals!


Anda mau beli atau sewa Balon Gas Udara berbentuk Zeppelin, Mohon hubungi kami segera:

0815 946 45 05
atau email ke :
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