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Imagine your logo displayed on this boxed shaped hot air balloon

That would definitely be powerful promotion and advertisement means for it canít escape the attention of any by passers (guaranteed!)


Is the text readable in the dark?

Regardless the time, we mount the electric spotlight right beneath the hot air balloon. This allows any by passers to read the sign on the hot air balloon while enjoying the beauty of that luminating  hot air balloon ( absolutely everlasting and impressing psychologically)

What if the hot air balloon shrinks?

NO WORRIES! We deploy our highly trained balloon guards and technicians for to make sure that the balloon you rent from us stays stable as you want it.

What about the logo on the surface of the hot air balloon?

We receive logo from you. Subsequently, we will print the design onto cutting sticker; stick it on the hot air balloon you rent from us. We accept any customized design such as the picture of public figures pre-the election, bride and groom, singer who will have concert, etc

Trend shows that in the future, a lot of people will use hot air balloon to brighten up their extraordinary events such as wedding, election, birthday, concert, bazaar, etc

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Box Shaped Hot Air Balloon


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